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Personal Skills

Personal Skills are those concerned with how people manage and express themselves. These skills are the strengths, abilities and attributes.


  • 1Personal & Personality Development
  • 2Behavioral management
  • 3Communication & Listening
  • 4Assertivess & Self Confidence Building
  • 5Time Management
  • 6Risk and Stress Management
  • 7Anger Management
  • 8And More ...

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal Skills are the qualities and behaviours a person uses to interact with others. It refers to the employee’s ability to work well with others and enjoy better working relationships.

  • 1Communication – basic and advanced
  • 2Emotional Intelligence
  • 3Team working
  • 4Negotiation, Persuasion and Influence
  • 5Conflict Resolution
  • 6Problem Solving and Decision Making
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Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills are the abilities to lead through influence, rather than authority, where qualities of strong coaching, emotional intelligence, effective communication, negotiation and consensus building skills are shown.

  • 1Strategic Thinking
  • 2Planning & Delivery
  • 3People Management
  • 4Change Management
  • 5Communication Basic, Advanced & Listening
  • 6Persuasion & Influence
  • 7Creativity
  • 8Feedback

Learning Skills

Learning Skills are the most sought after quality and ability in a person to be aware of the need for effective learning throughout life and making sure to keep the mind open to learning from new experiences.

We Offer

  • 1Learning, Unlearning & Relearning
  • 2Communication
  • 3Listening
  • 4Train The Trainers
  • 5Mentoring & Coaching
  • 6Counselling
  • 7Story Telling
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Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills are the skills you need in delivering effective and engaging presentations to a variety of audiences in different industries.

We Offer

  • 1Preparation
  • 2Organise Material
  • 3Writing
  • 4Presentation Method
  • 5Visual Aids
  • 6Counselling
  • 7Managing the Event
  • 8Coping with Nerves
  • 9Dealing with Questions
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Employability Skills

Employability Skills are the skills, qualities and attitudes that employers seek are essential for their workplace.

We Offer

  • 1Communication
  • 2Team Work
  • 3Problem Solving
  • 4Time & Self Management
  • 5Planning and Organising
  • 6Technology
  • 7Learning
  • 8Interview Skills
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